Participation in research for patients

Asklepios is in de Griekse mythologie
de god van geneeskunde en genezing.

Patients are offered the opportunity to participate in scientific research. It’s advisable to consult with your doctor if you are eligible to participate in a certain study. You will receive detailed information before you give permission to participate in a study. It’s possible to further improve the quality of life, survival rate and quality of care and treatment for men with breast cancer through scientific research.

Overview of scientific studies

You will find a table summarising the results of completed studies on this website, under Overview of completed studies. You will find a table summarising various projects under Overview of current studies, there will be a link to more information concerning participation if participation is an option.

Patient information concerning scientific research

An up-to-date overview with patient information from scientific studies (trials) on breast cancer in men in Dutch hospitals can be found here (*a selection has been made for open trials which are available for men with breast cancer, you can indicate whether you would also like to view closed studies): link.

Overview of international medical scientific research is a database of ongoing studies and results from public and privately funded clinical studies of patients around the world.

Use the following search term to find studies on men with breast cancer:

  • condition/disease: male breast cancer

Choose ‘the Netherlands’ as your country for studies conducted in the Netherlands.