Asklepios is in de Griekse mythologie
de god van geneeskunde en genezing.

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Patients and loved ones

Information for patients and loved ones

  • Voeding bij kanker

    General information about nutrition in cancer,

    This website answers questions from patients about nutrition and cancer prevention, nutrition related to treatment and nutrition after cancer treatment, Integral Cancer Centre the Netherlands (IKNL), Wageningen University and Research (WUR) and National Working Group on Dietitians Oncology ( LDWO):

  • Erfelijkheid en erfelijkheidsonderzoek

    Information about hereditary burden for breast and ovarian cancer, Oncogen, part of the Dutch Breast Cancer Society (BVN):

    General information about heredity and hereditary and/or congenital disorders, Erfocentrum:

    Decision aid for whether or not to undergo DNA testing

  • Zorg in verschillende ziekenhuizen in Nederland

    Breast Cancer Care Monitor, the Dutch Breast Cancer Society (BVN):

  • Supportive treatment

    Referral Guide Cancer offers an overview of care providers, organisations and self-help programmes for additional treatment and guidance options for patients and relatives, Integrated Cancer Centre the Netherlands (IKNL):

    Possibilities for psychosocial care, Walk-in centres and Psycho-oncology centres Cooperation and Support (IPSO):

    Digital tool with customised advice, Oncokompas, Research Group Living with cancer and Red Kite:

    Psychological and psychosocial guidance expertise, Dutch Association for Psycho-Oncology (NVPO)

    Individual support at home, Care for cancer:

    Find a physical therapist, Onconet Foundation:

    Find edema and oncology physiotherapists, Dutch Society for Physical Therapy in Lymphology and Oncology (NVFL):

Asking your treating doctor questions

    • Three good questions to support a choice

3 good questions, Patients Federation Netherlands / Federation Medical Specialists:

    • Second opinion

Information about requesting a second opinion, Patients Federation of the Netherlands:

Experiences of patients and loved ones

Peer contact


Information for professionals

  • Figures for invasive breast cancer versus DCIS, age at diagnosis and survival

    Figures about cancer, IKNL


  • Patient association: Oncogen

    Information about the hereditary burden for breast and ovarian cancer, Oncogen, part of the Dutch Breast Cancer Society (BVN):

Psychosocial consequences


Scientific research

Overview of completed studies

Overview of current studies

  • Research: Experiences of men tested for BRCA1/2 gene mutations
    Hereditary (=Hereditary) Breast and ovarian cancer Research the Netherlands, HEBON


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