Overview of completed studies

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You will find the study title, type of study, name of researcher(s), name of institute(s), name of subsidy provider(s), study start date and a link to more information for possible participation (if applicable) and an overview of ongoing breast cancer studies in men in the overview below.

Study title Type of study Name of researcher(s) Name of institute(s) Subsidy provider(s) Study start date Link to more information Link to layman’s summary
Male Breast Cancer: prospective into perspective BOOG 2013-02 Prospective, national, observational, registration study, study questionnaire and 1 extra blood collection C.J. van Asperen
C.H.M. van Deurzen
A.E. van Leeuwen-Stok
J.W.M. Martens
C.P. Schröder
BOOG, Breast Cancer Research Group Pink Ribbon October 2013 Boogstudycenter.nl
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Optimal information and care for men with breast cancer Focus group and study questionnaire Dr E.M.A. Bleiker
Dr A.J. Witkamp
Dr A. Pijpe
Dr T.I. Bootsma
P. Duijveman
AVL, UMCU Pink Ribbon January -2016 Pink Ribbon
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Experiences of men tested for BRCA1/2 gene mutations Study questionnaire Dr M.A. Rookus
Dr. A. Pijpe
Dr E.M.A. Bleiker
Prof. Dr C.J. van Asperen
Dr T.I. Bootsma
Dr Y.H Liu
Hebon study group
Department of Psychosocial Research and Epidemiology, AVL None 2013: data collection; 2017: start of analysis HEBON.nl
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Participants (m/f) wanted to study physiotherapeutically supported exercise interventions Physiotherapeutically supported exercise programme for people with metastatic breast cancer Marieke ten Tusscher
Wim Groen
AVL and VUMC Pink Ribbon March 2017 AvL Click here