Medical professionals

Asklepios is in de Griekse mythologie
de god van geneeskunde en genezing.

Medical professionals are informed about specific points of attentionin the treatment of breast cancer in men. Below are the topics which are discussed. Clicking on a topic will take you straight to the information.


The subject of heredity explains that a man with breast cancer may be a carrier of a gene mutation and which mutation this concerns. A referral to one of the Clinical Genetic Centres for genetic testing is recommended if a patient agrees.

Psychosocial consequences

What psychosocial consequences occur in men with breast cancer and how can they be identified? When is a referral to professional psychosocial care for support needed and who can the patient be referred to?


The various guidelines which can be used in the treatment of men with breast cancer have been listed.

Patient information

The website also offers a brochure with patient information, specifically aimed at men, which can be stored or printed. Medical professionals in hospitals can use this information brochure as educational material and pass it on to patients. Patients and loved ones can be referred to this website. They can be referred to the information under the heading ‘patients and loved ones’, where, in addition to patient information, attention is also devoted to experiences and contact with peers.

Scientific research

The scientific research section includes an overview of completed and ongoing projects and published scientific articles in the field of men with breast cancer can easily be found.

Photo collection

There is also a photo collection with results of men after breast surgery.


This “” website is primarily intended as a ‘guide’. It should help patients and professionals to quickly find the most relevant information about breast cancer in men. Links to relevant information on other websites, used on this website, have been put together per theme.