Patients and loved ones

Asklepios is in de Griekse mythologie
de god van geneeskunde en genezing.

Men with breast cancer and their loved ones can easily find information specifically for men with breast cancer through this website.

Information about illness and treatment

There are references to, for example, patient information for men with breast cancer on the following topics. You will be taken straight to this information by clicking on one of these topics: breast cancer in general, the first signs of breast cancer, risk factors for breast cancer, heredity, diagnosing breast cancer, possible treatments and side effects, survivorship care and check-ups, dealing with cancer, the possible (delayed) effects of the treatment and information for patients who will not be getting better.

Patient brochure

It is also possible to save or print out patient information about men with breast cancer in the form of a brochure.

References to websites on specific topics

Separate attention is devoted to a number of themes with references to other websites with information for loved ones, sexuality, heredity and genetic testing, insurance after cancer, working after cancer, care, supportive treatment and information about breast cancer in men in English.

Ask your doctor questions

Men can be better prepared for what awaits them with this patient information and by asking their doctor questions. It can also help to make informed choices about treatment.

Patients’ and loved ones’ experiences

It is also possible to read about other patients’ and loved ones’ experiences or contact other men being treated for breast cancer.

Scientific research

There may, at times, be scientific studies for which your cooperation is requested. You can find more information about this, or see which projects are currently ongoing, or have already been completed, in the overview of studies.


A photo collection has been compiled with results of men after surgery and a photo project entitled “Lees hij voor zij”.


This “” website is primarily intended as a ‘guide’. It should help patients and professionals to quickly find the relevant information about breast cancer in men. Links to relevant information on other websites used on this website have been put together per theme.