Rare forms of cancer, including breast cancer in men, are hardly known to the general public. Yet in the Netherlands about one in five cancer patients develop a rare form of this disease. Integral cancer centre the Netherlands (IKNL), healthcare professionals and patient organisations (VSOP and NFK) have, for the first time, mapped out the bottlenecks around these rare forms of cancer. The ‘Kankerzorg in beeld: zeldzame kanker’ (‘Cancer care in the focus: rare forms of cancer’) report contains ten essential recommendations to improve the, often poor, prognosis of this group of patients.

Specific information about breast cancer in men can be found in the report, from page 99. Here you will find, amongst other things, the incidence, survival rate and treatment methods used in the treatment of breast cancer in men.

Link to the IKNL report: https://www.iknl.nl/docs/default-source/PDF_Docs/kib_zeldzame_kanker_digitaal.pdf?sfvrsn=2