The fourth edition of the Breast Cancer Symposium will take place in Doorn on 6 October 2018. This symposium is open to patients in all phases of treatment or survivorship care, both male and female.

‘If you have gone through the treatment and you are no longer spending hours at the hospital, then there are people who don’t realise that, as an (ex-)patient, you can still struggle with all the late consequences breast cancer can result in.
‘You look great! What do you mean you’re not joining us on our family weekend, surely you’re well again now?’.  How do you ensure you, as a patient, are heard?

Topics such as fatigue, ‘chemo brain’ or the consequences of hormone therapy are discussed during the Breast Cancer Symposium. A lot of information about cancer and working is also provided. What is expected of you during and after the treatment and what can you expect from your employer. Can you work during the treatment and how can you reintegrate as well as possible? You will have the opportunity to ask all your questions about the Gatekeeper Improvement Act and more.

The doors of Landgoed Zonheuvel in Doorn are open from 10 in the morning.

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