Information about this website

Asklepios is in de Griekse mythologie
de god van geneeskunde en genezing.

Background and purpose of the website

There are far fewer men than women with breast cancer. The information about breast cancer is therefore primarily aimed at women. It’s therefore often difficult for male breast cancer patients and their practitioners to obtain tailor-made information.

The purpose of this website is to improve the quality and accessibility of information for anyone looking for information about breast cancer in men and thereby also the quality of care and quality of life for this patient group. In addition, we hope to contribute to greater knowledge and awareness that men can also get breast cancer. This new website will allow for research results to be brought to the attention of patients and practitioners more quickly. It will also be easier for researchers to bring their planned and ongoing investigations to the attention of patients and practitioners.

Website development

The website is part of the Optimal information and care for men with breast cancer project. The website has been developed with financing from Pink Ribbon. The website is set up based on the results of scientific research, the results of expert meetings with the Dutch Breast Cancer Organisation (BVN), and the Breast Cancer Research Group (BOOG) and the results of information and care needs research among men with (an early stage of) breast cancer, partners, medical professionals and researchers. The design and content of the website has been tested and evaluated by patients, medical professionals and researchers. The further development and implementation of this website is funded by Zorginstituut Nederland (National Health Care Institute).

You can read more about the project here:
Pink Ribbon

Annual index 2016, NVPO, page 54

Interview Sheet B, the Dutch Breast Cancer Organisation (BVN) December 2016 (pdf)

Interview Psychosocial Oncology, 2016, edition 4. Dutch Association for Psychosocial Oncology: (pdf)

Project team

The project team consisting of, from left to right: Msc Tom Bootsma (project administrator and researcher UMCU/AVL), Dr Eveline Bleiker (project leader and group leader at the Psychosocial Research and Epidemiology Department of the AVL), Dr Arjen Witkamp (project leader, oncology surgeon UMCU) and Petra Duijveman (nursing specialist breast care UMCU).


We would like to thank all men, partners, medical professionals and researchers for providing their input to realise this website.