If you need to unwind and search your soul, a retreat can be quite beneficial. A cancer diagnosis has a major impact on all areas of life and requires much more than just physical care. Questions about meaning and emotions require attention and can cause a great deal of stress. For many people, the disease changes their outlook on life. The change in mood, loss of control, changing relationships, these all cause a certain amount of stress. Everyone has their own way of processing and this requires time and space to discover what it takes.

During these days you can meet other men who are affected by a cancer diagnosis and who are looking for renewed reflection, vitality and inspiration. Men may appreciate experiencing recognition in various subjects. How do you handle emotions, deal with negative thoughts and limited energy? What can help if you are on the run or in a state of conflict. This requires a respectful reflection on your own functioning, based on strength and vulnerability. Meditation, experiential (creative) exercises, nature hikes, massages, silence and the exchanges will allow you to tune into yourself again. The invitation is to catch your breath in a beautiful environment and to pay attention to what is important to you in this intensive phase of life.


This retreat is guided by Gerwin Witvoet. He has been practising various forms of meditation/yoga since 1992 and has trained as a psychiatric psychologist and works within psycho-oncological care. He also has his own practice. The main theme in his work is (re)discovering your life force’. His method is characterised by creativity, humour and personal involvement, focused on meaning and values.

More information: www.hofvankairos.nl/retraite-voor-mannen-met-kanker
Registration: info@hofvankairos.nl or call: 0543- 56 37 63