The website was officially launched on Saturday 7 October, during the Breast Cancer Symposium of the Jij Speelt de Hoofdrol Foundation at Castle Vanenburg in Putten.

A workshop for men with/after breast cancer was organised during the symposium, in which they were able to share their experiences with each other and were informed of the results of the needs assessment among men with breast cancer. This needs assessment has been the basis for the development of the website.

We would like to thank all those involved with the realisation of the website for their input.

Tom Bootsma, researcher and Simon Luites, member of the Dutch Breast Cancer Society (BVN) men expert group, photographer Sascha Schalkwijk @ Stichting Jij Speelt de Hoofdrol

Tom Bootsma, researcher and Eveline Bleiker project leader, photographer Sascha Schalkwijk@ Stichting Jij Speelt de Hoofdrol

A press release resulted in various media devoting attention to the website going live. The ignorance of the fact that men can also be diagnosed with breast cancer received a lot of attention.

You can watch an item from Hart van Nederland here, with an interview with Frans Bon and project leader Eveline Bleiker, on Saturday 7 October:

You can listen to a radio interview on NOS radio 1 news here, with project administrator/researcher Tom Bootsma, on Saturday 7 October (broadcast from 7 a.m., starting at minute 18.00 of the interview):

The news about the new website has now also spread through news messages on websites of other organisations, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter messages.

All hospitals where men with breast cancer are treated have been informed of the existence of the new website, allowing men with breast cancer, their loved ones, but also the medical professionals themselves to use the website.

Petra Duijveman, nursing specialist and member of the project team, held a poster presentation for nurses and nursing specialists at Reehorst in Ede during the oncology days (V&VN) on  21 and 22 November, entitled Experience and information needs of men with breast cancer health care professionals. We are proud to announce that Petra won the poster prize!

Petra Duijveman, nurse specialist and member of the project team with the poster presentation and poster prize at the oncology days V&VN, Reehorst te Ede

We hope the website will be fully utilised by everyone looking for information about men with breast cancer.

Kind regards, the project team