Breast cancer and the treatment thereof can have a significant impact on the body image and sexuality. Some men, for example, are ashamed of their changed bodies, or are less inclined to make love. Previous studies among men with breast cancer have shown there is a need for more information about the consequences of breast cancer on their sexuality and intimacy. This is why we would like to make an educational film or pod cast, during which experiential experts will provide more information. The film/pod cast will be posted on this website.

Are you experiencing sexual consequences as a result of breast cancer and the treatment thereof, are you willing to share your experiences in a film or pod cast?
Please contact Jacqueline ter Stege, before 1 March 2019, via or 020-5122879.

The development of the video/pod cast is part of the Men with Breast Cancer project, which is being implemented by the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek (AVL), in collaboration with the University Medical Centre Utrecht and aims to improve the provision of information for men with breast cancer.